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Balance & Commitment

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

Full Moon in Capricorn at 21 degrees, @ 1:38 PM CST, 7/13/22

How do balance and commitment play a role in your life?  With all the twists and turns of life these days, we can easily get swept away in the swirling winds of stress and lose our focus on what truly matters to us. 

We experience change with each life experience we navigate.

What we were firmly committed to six months ago may no longer align with our evolution.  This could indicate that you have outgrown your past/current programming and are expanding.  There is a spaciousness here and an offering of change.

Reevaluating our commitments from time to time can benefit the quality of our inner and outer worlds. 

Give yourself permission to dissolve and reintegrate. 

Most of all, be committed to your journey of growth.  When we give ourselves the care we deserve, we feel emotionally satiated.  This can open the channels for more joy, fun, and play to come through.  If life is all work and riddled with long lists of to-do’s, we can start taking life too seriously.  We can feel bogged down and joyless.

Bringing a bit of levity to our busy lives can balance the intensity of living. 

The Sun is in the watery sign of cancer, opposing the Moon in earthy Capricorn.  This energy signature can bring in the right amount of tension to create the balance we crave.  Retrograde Pluto is conjunct the Moon, adding depth and emotional complexity to this lunar phase, so be patient with your emotions. 

  • Reflection: What are the commitments in your life that no longer serve your personal growth? 
  • Incantation: I give myself full permission to change and evolve.

Sending Lunar Love!

Balance & Commitment

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