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Finding Your Path

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

One of the beautiful things about humanity is our unique individuality. This individuality along with experiences and events shape who we are and lead us to our curiosities. It is our birthright and privilege to find our interests and passions and to be resilient. We learn at a young age to start comparing our lives to others. Some are born into family systems with extra hardships and odds. Some seem to have it easy. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose the situation and environment into which we are born. We do get to choose what we make of our situation, how resilient we want to be, and what we decide to aim for. The things we put our energy and attention on are the aspects of our lives that amplify and grow. Choose wisely.

In retrospect, I can see that I spent a huge chunk of my life amplifying grief, depression and self destructive behaviors. I acquiesced to a belief that my life would be mediocre and full of struggle. Because of my lack of awareness, these were the things I chose to amplify; this was my path, at the time. After my spiritual emergency (a crisis that leads to an awakening) I decided to change my course. It started with cleaning up the wreckage of my past; using my struggles as my assets; and swallowing some hard chunks of truth about how I was showing up in the world. Life opened up. It took a new direction. I shifted my sails and gazed on a new horizon. This taught me a big lesson on the power of my perspective, the power of my thought-life. Gaining control of my thought-life has been one of the most revolutionary changes.

I also needed to figure out the things that energize me vs. the things that deplete my energy. We make time for what is important to us. What we spend our time doing, are our priorities.  Our actions make up the landscape of our day-to-day activities, thus forming our path.  As I started to fill my life with more energy-thriving content, my interests grew and my passions and curiosities expanded. By allowing myself to open up and let the flow in, a roadmap formed that set me in the direction of my true self.  I curated my life to compliment the happiness and inner freedom I craved. Some of the necessary decisions to make this happen were hard, and I’d rather my life be authentic and true than mediocre and compromising. Cutting out toxic relationships and environments were a must. Letting go of limiting beliefs and reframing the story I had been telling myself put me on the trajectory of clarity and manifestation.  Deep shadow work and getting toe-to-toe with the parts I spent years avoiding were the necessary tolls to arrive at the inner freedom I hoped for. I had to slay my dragons.

Not everyone has to get to a rock bottom level to redirect their path. Sometimes it can be a subtle nudge from an inner voice. Or maybe we hit hard roadblocks that throw us into a new way of thinking. Whatever the circumstances, it is never too late to shift our present to fit the future we are trying to manifest. Each day I stay true to my values and make decisions that support the life I want in the present. By doing that, I rewrite a more positive and empowering past.

If you find yourself stuck or operating at a low vibration that is preventing you from finding your path, it may be time to make a plan on how to recalibrate and reignite your life passions. I would be honored to guide you to a reinvention of self. Simply reach out to see what the next steps would be through my website. Life is meant to be good and full of curiosity and play.

Finding Your Path

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