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Flexible Intelligence. Embrace Duality.

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

Gemini New Moon @ 9 Degrees, 5/30/22 6:31 AM CST

Gemini –  the intellectual twins of the cosmos, loves to gather information.  Gemini thrives on cerebral stimulation and diversity.  Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, is the planet of communication and intellect.  Mercury has been in retrograde since May 10th and will last through June 3rd.  This can scatter mental activity and bring up material within our subconscious, allowing the mind to transverse the past.  Gemini is the sign of duality.  One of Gemini’s strengths is the ability to juggle polarities and embody true diversity.  

We can utilize the energy signature of this Gemini New Moon to collect data and then practice flexible intelligence.  Essential ingredients for flexible intelligence are open-mindedness and curiosity.  When we allow ourselves to stay curious, there is a natural opening within the mind—through curiosity, we set ourselves up to learn and understand.  Gemini feels at home within the cerebral landscape.  We have a harmonious sextile with Saturn, who brings in a perspective of time and effort.  Saturn likes to keep things on track and in order, complementing busy-body Gemini. 

I invite you to consider the areas of your life where rigidity and closed-mindedness are present. What is an area you would like to open up and expand? Stretch past your comfort level and try on new ways of thinking. 

New Moons are an ideal time to set renewed intentions and plant the seeds of our desired visions. One way I like to work with these intentions is to read them every day until the next Full Moon. Tap into the emotion of what it would be like to live the vision you crave. Connecting with our emotions while working with visualizations is key. We attract and align from our heart space, which helps orient our minds to where we want to go—impacting our choices that lead to cultivating our goals. Remember to be patient with your process and trust in Divine Timing. 

Sending Lunar Love!

Flexible Intelligence. Embrace Duality.

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