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Full Moon in Libra on 4/16 at 27 degrees

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

Full Moon in Libra at 1:56 PM CST @ 27 degrees —This Libra Full Moon is asking us to consider where we could provide a deeper sense of emotional balance. The moon is opposing the Sun in Aries—provoking a potentially useful tension of impulsiveness vs. simplification.

The Moon represents our emotions and how we nurture ourselves. As we all know, emotions can over-complicate matters, impacting how we experience the world around us. Our emotions can drop a veil of illusion over our perspective if we are not careful. When this happens, it may be helpful to take a step back and let the emotional dust settle. Sometimes a conscious pause is the best solution.

With Pluto's involvement, while squaring the Moon, we could experience some growing pains. This could feel like a power struggle or even an ego death. Coming to terms with the parts of our ego that need to be transmuted can feel confronting—in life, no one is exempt from this. This process can bring up our insecurities, doubts, and relevance. We may feel vulnerable and exposed. A soft reminder to ourselves that we are simply human can be helpful.

Identity can be the leading player in confusing the ego with our True Self. We can often over-identify with labels, roles, and titles which is understandable to a certain point, as this can build our self-esteem and self-worth. But what happens when these identities come to an end? If we are over-attached, we are sure to experience suffering. It is the ego that experiences our suffering and unrest. Evolution and change are inevitable. Beliefs we once help with such conviction dissolve, and new beliefs form. These can be beliefs about ourselves, others, or life philosophies.

If we can allow humility to wash the ego-debris away, we can transform the discomfort into wisdom. We gain a healing understanding of what it means to be human.

The best elixir for the Soul when we are navigating this type of ego evolution is love, kindness, and compassion towards ourselves.

  • Reflection: In what areas of my life do I experience over-attachment? How could I benefit from softening my grip?
  • Incantation: I release myself from self-imposed bondage.

Crystals you may find useful for this Full Moon:

  • Tiger's Eye: Promotes courage, confidence, stabilizing
  • Howlite: Regulates emotions, forgiveness, and open-mindedness
  • Flower Agate: Supports personal growth, metaphysical fertilizer for our intentions

May you be free from suffering. May you be on your path. May you know peace.

Happy Full Moon!

Full Moon in Libra on 4/16 at 27 degrees

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