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New Moon in Aquarius!

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

Unconventional, rebellious, community-driven, creative endeavors -- These are some of the themes we can work with during this lunar phase. Aquarians are in their element when being of service to the collective. It could be helpful to understand, first, the utility of being of service to ourselves. If we explore the depths of our consciousness, claim our unique gifts, & embark on the journey of co-creation with the Universe, we can share our wisdom & support with the world from a place of clarity. No one is able to go to the depths of our inner landscape but ourselves, nor is it someone else’s responsibility to do so.

One of my favorite quotes comes to mind by Dr. Stanislav Groff-

“…the only revolution that can work is the inner transformation of every human being.”

It ultimately begins with ourselves. When we integrate with the wisdom born from our struggles, it equips us to be conscious allies to those around us. A beautiful cycle of alchemy. We can only change ourselves, our perspectives, our actions. A revolution cannot begin without a fundamental change. When we create change in our relationships, attitudes, art, etc., this change ripples out in time & space.

Uranus squaring the moon wants to shake things up & bring us out of our comfort zone. We can greet this frequency from a place of creativity & excitement. Pay attention to the opportunities that carry an energy of curiosity laced with healthy fear. This could be an indicator of exciting change on the horizon if only we are up for the challenge.

Saturn conjunct the moon can aid in the strengthening of emotions & a sincere commitment to nurturing ourselves. Consider tapping into unconventional modalities of healing or self-care. Think outside the box. Mix it up. Try something new.

The Saturn in Aquarius energies want us to experience a journey of our own. We take our inner journey then we walk with the collective.

  • Reflection: What are healthy ways I can step outside the box & try new things? How can this process lead me to an inner revolution?
  • Incantation: I am open to life-changing opportunities!

Happy Lunar New Year!!

New Moon in Aquarius!

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