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Emotional Intelligence

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

When we come into this world as innocent fresh babies, we have no language. We discover our voice for the first time through an explosion of sound from our vocal cords. Emotion is present but everything feels abstract and confusing. We are thrown into this world through chaos and change. Our awareness is slowly weaved with experiences, feelings, thoughts. We settle in. We begin to find order. We absorb our surroundings. We discover our first language—energy.

I believe we are all born with the innate gift of being able to read energy; some more than others. The fundamental principle is within all of us.  Most of us can not remember the day we were born.  At birth there was an energetic imprint of an emotional tone set in place.  That imprint stays within our subconscious.  This imprint may be one of the greatest mysteries of our lives, yet it is with us.  

Emotions are powerful and always present.  As a child we can feel when there is dis-ease.  We may not have all the facts or details, but we can feel if something. This makes us feel unsafe or happy and secure.  Somewhere along the line, many of us dim this intuitive communicator.  We become conditioned to the social norms of suppressing our feelings because society tells us it is unacceptable or inappropriate. “Women should feel this way” , “Men shouldn’t feel like that”.  The fact is, we are all human and we all embody the same emotions.  Emotions are simply energy.  If we give ourselves permission to let these vibrations run their course through our mind and body, we find relief and clarity.  We begin to trust the process and ourselves.  We can allow our spectrum of feelings to be indicators of where we need to make adjustments in our lives. If we deny these emotional energies, we step into discord, and become blocked.  Unmanageability creeps in, anxiety and depression may develop, and we may feel stuck.  It is easy to get frustrated or feel shame about having unpleasant or difficult emotions.  I like to think of them as little children who crave attention—feelings just want to be felt.  

When we meet ourselves with tenderness and grace, allow ourselves to be human, and embrace the range of emotions:

  • We gain emotional intelligence.  
  • We begin to free up space to be more present.  
  • We can pin-point the irrational feelings.  
  • We can sift through the process of connecting the emotional dots.  We become aware.  
  • We can see when our emotional response is or isn’t proportional to the situation activating our feelings.  
  • We find emotional coping skills and emotional stability.  

Many of us need support around emotional processing.  We may need to create a safe container to begin our journey to emotional sobriety. Finding a guide or coach can be a first step. How we live and process our emotions thread out to our relationships and interactions, which in turn, creates the quality of our lives.  If we allow ourselves to authentically feel, we can find an unbridled freedom.

Emotional Intelligence

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