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Sensual Creativity. Unconventional Beauty. Renewed Self Love.

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus 4/30/22 at 3:29 PM, @ 10 Degrees

This Taurus New Moon invites us to relish in the creativity of unconventional beauty and love.

The maverick planet Uranus is conjunct the Moon, which activates a desire to shake things up and go against the grain. There is an offering here—we can expand our once-limited views of what we consider beautiful within ourselves and the world around us. The steadiness of Taurus keeps us grounded while we allow our hearts to explore new perspectives that broaden our views. Now is a perfect time to explore new creative and sensual outlets. 

The term sensuality can feel unsettling to some. Unfortunately, it has developed a taboo connotation overtime due to dogmas and oppression. It is associated with indulging the senses of “the flesh” –– some may feel like they need to hide their longing for sensual expression or keep themselves small. I invite you to excite your senses and think outside the box. What makes you feel alive and invigorated in your body. What makes you feel bold enough to create?

Creativity and sensuality go hand-in-hand. There is a synergistic relationship between the two. In other words, they nurture one another. Creativity can bring us into the present moment, motivating the senses- touch, sight, taste, smell, and sound. It can also activate our intuition, our sixth sense. Intuition is not something that is bestowed on only a select few. We all have this ability, but it is like developing a muscle. We have to get aquatinted with how we receive and confirm intuitive guidance from within ourselves. We slowly learn to trust this information based on our experience, which allows us to trust ourselves in a deeper and more meaningful way. This trust can yield a renewed connection of love for ourselves.

Self love is the foundation of vitality. Vitality connects us to our senses. Our senses connect us to the other realms.

When we tap into the well of love from within, we quench our thirst for sacred connection.

  • Reflection: What limiting beliefs hold you back from being fully expressive and creative? 
  • Incantation: I follow the dictates of my Soul

Stones & Crystals you may find useful to use during this Solar Eclipse:

  • Emerald: Heart Opening, activates intuition
  • Rose Quartz: Self-love, compassion, tenderness
  • Tangerine Quartz: Activates creativity & sensuality

Happy Solar Eclipse!

Sensual Creativity. Unconventional Beauty. Renewed Self Love.

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