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New Moon in Pisces at 12 degrees

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

Release. Completion. Opening. The waning cycle of the moon has come to its resting place, which supports us in the process of letting go. There is an opportunity for surrender. We can do this from the privacy of our own hearts, leaving the “thing” at the altar of our Spirits. When the veil of illusion lifts, surrender comes with ease. Our most intimate truths reign. We can settle in, then wait to receive the sweet gifts of wisdom that come only through the journey of release.

Jupiter conjunct this Pisces New Moon can send a swell of watery emotion our way. The Moon is in Jupiter’s wake of expansion and luck. Tapping into a self-regulating ritual can help us ride the wave to shore. 

As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, there is an energy signature of completion. A movement through the death/rebirth cycle. Jupiter is generously holding space for this Pisces new moon, giving us a sense of protection and support. 

Mars/Venus conjunct Pluto in the sign of Capricorn play a part in this lunar conversation. There is a deep change and removal in the realm of archetypal masculine/feminine energies. This rare transit could be potentially linked to past-life contracts. 

Pluto removes. This removal can provoke an emotionally heavy interior, and can feel hard to hold but it serves a deeper purpose. We can trust in that unfolding. Once again, coming back to surrender. We find freedom on the other side of the loss. Let what needs to go—go.

Conjunct in Aquarius, Mercury and Saturn bring a forward movement towards clarity. We organize our thoughts and get focused on what matters. That may be a topic to explore… What matters to you? Start there, and then pour your energy into that. 

  • Reflection: What needs to be laid at the altar of your Spirit?  What wisdom have you gained from past experiences of surrender?
  • Incantation: The veil of illusion is lifted, and I rest in the sweetness of surrender. 

New Moon in Pisces at 12 degrees

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