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New Year, New Moon!

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

In Roman religion & mythology, Janus is the god of time, gates, transitions, and doors. Keeping his gaze steady on the past and future in tandem, he holds space for a specific type of duality. This is why he is the gatekeeper of time and passages. January is named after this Roman God. Universal Love is the binding agent that holds this creation together. The sacred glue that brings the opposites into union. We experience our life-force energy dancing between these polarities. Let's give ourselves permission to move with the rhythm of time.

It's the first New Moon of 2022 stationed at 12 degrees Capricorn. Capricorn respects time and management as well as supporting our journey in assessing our life choices. Capricorn has a reputation for being conservative which may be exactly what we need to not pile our plate too full coming right out of the 2022 gate. This is a time to activate logical and practical, big-picture planning.  If we shift into the lower expressions of Capricorn, we are headed for burnout and feelings of bitterness. You can call in an energy of softness to counteract these lower expressions.

Plant your seeds of intention for the year ahead on this new moon!

  • Reflection: What do you want to release? What are you calling in to experience and embody?
  • Incantation: May I be present for each step I take as I dance through time and space with Spirit!

Cheers to the year ahead!

New Year, New Moon!

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