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Respecting our Individual Process

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

Aquarius Full Moon at 19 degrees, 8:36 PM CST, 8/11/22

We have some interesting signatures happening during this Full Moon. The opposing Sun is in the sign of Leo, and Saturn is conjunct the moon—meaning they are side by side. A conjunction is a fusion of each planet’s archetypal energies. The Moon is emotions, intuition, and cycles. Saturn can be restrictive, ambitious, and very structured.

With Saturn in the conversation, we may want to restrict ourselves from processing our emotions, but know that the offering is finding a new strategy to create the emotional safety we may need to allow emotions to flow and release. 

The Moon and Saturn are squaring the North Node, Uranus, and Mars. This aspect can be electrifying and bring activation in the area of your chart where this stellium is showing up. The North Node is our destiny— what we are moving towards in this life. So know that you are supported during this transition.

But, we have free will, so the question is… are we up to the challenge?

The choice is ours. A square is a less harmonious aspect, so this could come with its set of challenges. But do not be discouraged. Big changes and openings typically stretch our comfort level, but this is where the magic happens. Give yourself the support you need to navigate what is opening up for you. 

So what about judging our process? I have had my journey of judging my emotions as they arise. My Gemini mind wants to figure everything out and connect the emotional dots.

I have learned that sometimes we don't need all the facts. We can free up space and attention by simply allowing our emotions (energy-in-motion) to purge safely.

We can release that energy from our physical and subtle bodies and then turn the page. The more we do this, we learn to trust our inner healer. We feel more and more equipped to have true agency over our emotional healing. 

Maybe your Full Moon ritual creates a soul collage of your inner healer. Maybe you write out what you want to call in or release and then burn it. There is no right or wrong. Follow the guidance of your Spirit and co-create the ritual that feels right for you. 

Sending Lunar Love, 


Respecting our Individual Process

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