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Full Moon in Cancer!

Written By:
Meribeth Privett

With the moon at her most potent cycle, she is also in her comfort zone, being in the watery sign of Cancer. This is a time to focus on home, family, security, and our emotional landscape. What is your “home” condition like? This could be of the material world or our intrinsic home. You may ask yourself—What needs to go? What do I need to cultivate a balanced “home” environment? *Remember, our physical body is the home where our Soul resides for this lifetime. There is energetic reciprocity that happens when we care for our home, and our home cares for us.

With the moon opposite Pluto, we may be challenged to go deeper - Pluto being the excavator of buried treasures.  

Some treasures may come at a cost. Do not be discouraged or confused by the discomfort and possible growing pains that coincide with dancing with Pluto.

Pluto is tempted to destroy anything out of alignment with our deepest truths. This can present itself as friction or disruption,  the sometimes the right amount of friction is necessary to activate the changes we need. Be brave. Do not second guess your journey!!!

With the medicine of Pluto (think transformation, death/rebirth, the underworld) and the watery element of our Cancer Moon (think sensitive emotions, nurturing, vulnerability), be careful not to be pulled in by the invisible forces of this planetary aspect. The objective is to ride the wave and not get swallowed up by the emotional undertow.

Crystals you may use in ritual on this full moon:

- Moonstone
- Pearl
- Black Obsidian
- Smokey Quartz

  • Reflection: Am I afraid to dive into the dark waters to retrieve my hidden pearls? If so, why? How could taking this -lunge liberate me?
  • Incantation: I trust my ability to navigate uncharted depths. I am Divinely guided to my unique treasures.


Full Moon in Cancer!

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